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This website is an initiative of Vitens, the biggest tap water company of the Netherlands. Tap water: it seems so commonplace, we take it for granted. However, water production is actually a serious profession that requires creativity, innovation, perseverance, commitment to people, society as a whole and the environment. Instead of talking about this fact, we like to take action. Every day. We extract, purify and deliver top-quality drinking water to our 5.4 million customers in the major part of the Netherlands. Through our Water for Life initiative, we help more than twenty million people in countries where safe drinking water cannot be taken for granted. Our passion knows no boundaries.


Water for Life

Worldwide one billion people have no access to clean and safe drinking water. Every day people die for this reason and in particular children die of water related diseases. Water for Life helps to provide safe, clean water and sanitation for everyone in the world. The fund contributes to the worldwide water issues by projects in different developing countries. Would you like to support Water for Life? Every donated euro will be invested in a project which indeed brings water and sanitation within reach.

See www.waterforlife.nl for more details (in Dutch only)



The information contained in this website is general information about the quality of tap water by country. The quality of tap water can vary by region within countries. It can also be affected by the distribution process. For these reasons, this information should not be used as drinking advice.


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